Why I picked Lyrical Host when I went self-hosted

HOW I WENT SELF HOSTED AND WHY I WENT WITH LYRICAL HOST When choosing to go self-hosted, I did a lot of research. I’m a nerd, and I studied hard. The internet, blogs, social media groups – they’re all saturated with affiliate programmes. Lyrical Host was the clearly winner, in

Top 5 Meals in Cape Town

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Our trip to Cape Town in April was overwhelming. We did so much that I can’t do it justice in one post! I’ll be breaking it down each week, with a highlight of each area. This week, it’s all about one of my favourite things….food!

Books galore! My 2018 top 5 so far!

Books are amazing! Growing up, I loved reading. I spent more time in the library at school curled up with books, than I did outside playing. I feasted on everything from The Famous Five and Mallory Towers to Shakespeare. Yes, honestly, Shakespeare. My mum had “the complete works” and I

Movie Mayhem – 5 so far

We all love a good movie. There’s something about the pure escapism of delving all your senses into a different world and forgetting everything around you. I have a wide taste in movies. I’ll watch anything except horror films. I just don’t see the point in being scared. This year

Gin! Glorious Gin! Every day is a Gin Day!

We Love Gin! I never used to drink gin. Ever. My mum has always drunk gin (with coke, don’t ask). I go through phases with drinks. In my late teens, when I thought I was super knowledgeable and classy, I solely drank Tia Maria and coke. At uni I progressed

7 Podcasts you Need to listen to Now!

I worked out recently that I spend, on average, 20 hours per week in my car on my own, travelling to and from work. I used to spend all that time being absolutely brain dead, listening to the same 12 songs on the radio every day. The traffic is something

A week in the life of Holly, Honestly

I have many roles in life, as do most women in 2018. I am a property manager (estate agent), a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, a pub wife, a blogger. Each of those roles pull me in 8 different directions and, honestly, I struggle to keep

Top 10 Inspirational Women

In honour of International Women’s Day, I didn’t just want to share this piece with you, I needed to. Women are the future! I have so many women that I look up to, especially for inspiration. I could have written another ten thousand words on this, ten times over. In

Disney, Friendship, Soho on a Saturday night?

We all get tagged in a post on Facebook by a friend. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once an hour. A few of the posts we’re tagged in give a minor chuckle. Most are meh. In December, my friend Emily tagged me in a post. She’s one of my closest friends

The One! 9 Reasons Not to Give Up

Growing up, I had all the same misconceptions that I think most girls do. I assumed I would date boys in high school, go to university, meet the love of my life in my last year, we would get awesome jobs, and end up married with dogs and kids in