Why the NBC hit The Good Place is your next Netflix binge.

The Good Place – Netflix’s ABC Binge-Worthy Winner

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Society tells us that if we act right during our lives,we go to a good place after we die.

Supposedly, The Good Place.

What if you don’t but you were supposed to? What if you live a mediocre life; you don’t kill anyone but you’re pretty darn selfish?

The Good Place

This is the case for Eleanor.

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She was a bit of a shirtbag (you can’t swear in the Good Place) yet somehow she finds herself dead and sat at the desk of Michael – Ted Danson’s devilishly handsome answer to the guy at the pearly gates to her utopia.
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Assuming she could fool all the saintly people who ended up in The Good Place, Eleanor (Kristen Bell – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Frozen!) carries on with the charade, not daring to point out the quite obvious mistake and off she potters into her after-life.
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The concept of The Good Place (season 1) in itself is – excuse the pun – divine. You’re given your dream home, meet your true soul mate, live in a town bestowed with all your favourite things, and your days are filled with gardening in the sunshine, eating frozen yoghurt al fresco, reading snuggled into a nook in your dream home; whatever is your desire for your eternity.
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With short episodes, beautiful scenery, simple gags and the delicious Tahani (Jameela Jamil of T4!) to occupy your brain, this is easy watching that actually makes you think about your actions and their effect on the world, thanks to the forkingly dull ethics professor Chidi played by William Jackson Harper.
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A plot twist around the middle of the season will blow your beaching little brain.

Why the NBC hit The Good Place is your next Netflix binge.


Luckily, I binge watched this on Netflix after it was all released in one bang; bad luck to those of you over the pond who will have had to wait for the mid season break to pass.
The 6 main characters are Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, her after-life partner Jason, Michael and his assistant Janet. The are polar ends of all types of people, yet all of them we can relate to in some way.
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This series is a warming visual and mental feast for cold Sunday afternoons. A cup of tea, a blanket and a bag of chocolate whilst consuming a good American TV series? The perfect companion in a weekend of lonely, boring house sitting for a friend.

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I also can’t help but feel a fluffy sense of pride for fellow Brit, Jameela Jamil, going from “probably hungover Saturday morning TV presenter” and flourishing into a beautiful, outspoken, non-conformist, successful actress. Accidentally, too.

Season 2 is currently being released weekly on Netflix and is my Friday evening reward for a hard worked week.

For me, this show gets 5 out of 5 Crowns. It’s funny, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing.


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