Why I picked Lyrical Host when I went self-hosted

Self-Hosting Made Easy with Lyrical Host - Honestly Holly
Self-Hosting Made Easy with Lyrical Host - Honestly Holly
Self-Hosting Made Easy with Lyrical Host - Honestly Holly

Lyrical Host



When choosing to go self-hosted, I did a lot of research. I’m a nerd, and I studied hard. The internet, blogs, social media groups – they’re all saturated with affiliate programmes. Lyrical Host was the clearly winner, in my eyes.

For disclosure, I am a member of the Lyrical Host affiliate programme. Should you choose to sign up for hosting with Lyrical Host using my links or referral codes, I will be paid commission, which I will also be grateful for. Though I have a vested interest in bringing people into the Lyrical Host fold, I truly love their service and know no one will ever regret choosing them! Using my links won’t cost you any more – in fact you’ll actually get a discount on going direct!

The ethos of my blog is Honesty. Honestly, I would recommend Lyrical Host to anyone looking for a tailored package, with great customer service, super easy navigation and endless support. I see them as the boutique bridal shop on your high street vs the massive overpriced mall down the road. Quality, personalisation, and supporting a local business rather than fuelling consumerisation and the slave trade.

I am the wrong side of 30 (just). My technical capabilities are okay but they’re not my forte. I just knew that I would need a lot of help. The thought of migrating from Blogger to WordPress! It just melted my mind!

There are cheaper hosting companies out there, but I cannot believe you’d find one with better customer service. It’s the same as flying economy, business or first class. Your plane goes to the same place. It does the same things. It’s just the more expensive service is better!

With web hosting, I think it’s the same sentiment. However, I can actually afford 1st class with hosting!

Any questions are answered in minutes. Either on the phone, Facebook chat, or through the support system in the client portal. You’ll never wait long for help with Lyrical Host.

If you’re looking to move and considering Lyrical Host, pop onto their website or their Facebook page and try the live chat option with one of the team. They’re super friendly and always so helpful!

There’s a few areas that are vital to decide on when picking your host and your plan.


If you’re not a tech person like me, you may feel a bit lost in all the jargon. Basically, what you need to know is Lyrical Host’s autoscaling means that in the busiest internetting times (yes, I know that’s not a word), it’ll move your host through the back end resources and servers to ensure that your website stays live, fast and reliable, so your visitors don’t get antsy.

Lyrical Host only offer 100% SSD web space. This means the web space is held on a driver with no moving parts (expensive hardware stuff). That means less wear and tear, much less chance of anything deteriorating and there being any issues behind the scenes. It also means the servers, and therefore your sites, can work a lot harder, a lot faster and with a lot less risk.

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Lyrical Host have amazing firewall software so your site is constantly scanned and protected. I once had someone try and attack my site (I mean, why?! What am I doing that they want to take me down?!). Lyrical Host got straight in there. They held my site, fought off the hackers, and had me back in action in minutes. I didn’t even know it happened!

There’s so much more, that you can find here on their technologies page, if you’re after more info. You can also pop onto the messenger and they’ll explain anything you don’t understand. Unless you’re like me and happy to live in ignorant bliss!


A lot of hosting programmes will advertise at being £x per month. Then you go through the rigmarole of filling out all the forms, trying to sign your life away only to discover they want a whole year upfront, plus domain purchase, admin costs, all sorts.

If you’re just starting out with your site, you probably can’t afford that. Whether you’re setting up a blog for fun, or a website for your new business venture, keeping costs to a minimum is vital. With Lyrical Host, you can spread the cost evenly and the upfront costs are less than you’d spend on lunch with a friend.

All the added extras that you absolutely need but are then charged through the roof for by some hosting services? They’re all included with your monthly cost with Lyrical Host. SSL certificates, email accounts (mine is hello@honestlyholly23.com)



I started my site mid month but I get paid on the last working day of the month. To keep all my finances tidy, I arrange for all my scheduled monthly outgoings to come out of my account on the 1st of the month. Lyrical Host were happy to change my date and my next bill pro-rata to ensure that I could keep organised, no questions asked!

All I paid up front was my yearly domain registration – to own honestlyholly23.com – and one month of fees. That is it. Literally. I paid less up front than I would for two cocktails in London. What an amazing feeling!


I started my blog on blogger.com, other people start on all sorts of platforms. For what I wanted to do (blog), WordPress is the best platform. Full migration to wordpress (or the platform you choose) is free in the service and so worth it. I literally would have NO idea what I’m doing.

All I had to do was pick a theme, book a slot with the team, give them my blogger login and off they went. Within an hour, my site was ready. They transferred all my old posts, logos, into my new theme and loaded it into my site. I got a message – www.honestlyholly23.com was live!

Ongoing Service

If I have a quick question – I pop onto Facebook chat and Jenni replies in seconds. No question is too silly. They’ll always answer, explain what you need and never be anything but lovely. For anything bigger or more technical, I raise a support ticket. Within a couple of hours, I’ll get a response either saying my issue is resolved or asking for more information. I’m not so good at explaining the technical problems!

Some hosting sites will literally just put your site on the internet and leave you to it. If you want general advice or want to learn more, they’ll charge you or tell you to buy tech support somewhere else. Lyrical Host will answer any questions, even if it’s about a plugin they have nothing to do with, just because they’re nice humans!

They’ll also champion you as a client. They keep up to date with your content, they interact on social media, they drop you a line and see how you’re doing. Lyrical Host actually care about you as a person, and your business. You’re not just a dime in the bank or a figure in their sales stats.

You also get access to the resource centre. Not only do you get the whole back catalogue, but you’ll also get new content monthly. This will range from posts on how to get started with WordPress, to free icons to download or blogging tips!

Basically, you can expect to be welcomed and loved from start to the end of time. Any problems you have, they’ll fix. Any questions you have, they’ll answer. Except maybe about the meaning of life, though I’m sure they would give it a try!

All of this can be yours, and with 10% off either by clicking my affiliate link here or entering the code “Honestly23” – at check out!

Lyrical Host 6 reasons

Good luck!

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  1. Davi says:

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I had looked a little deeper into all the options. If I ever get bluehost unlocked again, I will be migrating over to a new host asap.

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