World Book Day - Review of Domina by LS Hilton - Honestly Holly

Domina by L.S. Hilton – Review

Review Domina by LS Hilton - Honestly Holly
World Book Day - Review of Domina by LS Hilton - Honestly Holly

In honour of World Book Day, I’m reviewing a book just for grown ups, “Domina” by L.S. Hilton.

World Book Day Domina Book Cover
Judith is an art-dealing, mysterious feminist symbol who knows how
to play men. Perhaps she takes it a little too far but there’s something that
we could all learn from her; to stand up and take control of your own destiny.
I had no idea that this book was part of a trilogy when I
started reading it, and it really didn’t matter. I’ve every intention and
reading the first and third books in the series but this book works as a
standalone in the way that so many don’t.
Having actually read the second book first, the mystery is
intensified; not knowing the events that’s led Judith to be terrified when she
spots an old face at a party. Little did her admirer know of her history and
the fate of his future!
World Book Day is a great chance to get into some new pages. Re-discover your love of books!
World Book Day Review of Domina by LS Hilton - Honestly Holly
The book had me hooked at every turn: sex, art, money,
travel, fashion, Italy, language, castles, billionaires, boats. It’s all that
you could want, and a gondola full of everything more
Judith leads us through the winding streets of Venice; her
glamorous and shiny lifestyle jets over Europe, her wild nights with vapid men
sprinkled between. Her passion for art and hiding from the past leads us to
temptation, delivers us from evil, side steps the reality of the present, gets
sexy with the devil then finds a path back to the sunlit canals.
World Book Day Venice - Our story setting

World Book Day – Fact or Fiction?

Sometimes I found her character’s lifestyle a bit
far-reaching; very few of us have friends with private islands off the coast of
Ibiza or indulge in multi-partner parties in Romanic dungeons. The rest of the
time I felt her emotions; fear leading me to turn one page, lust turning
another, curiosity pushing me into just one more chapter before bed time.
At times the mystery and mix of emotions can be confusing;
the story is all written from the first person perspective but there’s so much
shady history only implied, that to be living in the moment of a person’s life
without knowing the past throws you off the scent of the future.
The only thing I would really change about this book is
having read the first book in the series prior; I’d hope it would give me more
of an insight into the character.
World Book Day Judith's kinda painting
I didn’t just devour this book, I basically inhaled it a-la a hangry
Book Review - Domina by LS Hilton - Honestly Holly

hormonal woman in front of a fully stocked snack cupboard. I
was hungry for it, every day. I woke up early to read in the morning. I read on
my lunch break. I read instead of Netflix in the evenings. I read until I
drifted off and dreamt of Elizabeth, Yermalov and Judith. Other reviews have suggested that this is not the best book to read in the trilogy. I’ll update when I’ve read the other two!Until then, this book has 4 out of 5 crowns!PS – Don’t forget it’s World Book Day on 1st March 2018!


Barry Molten Metal Nail Polish Review - Honestly Holly

Molten Magic? Barry M Nail Polish Review

Barry Molten Metal Nail Polish Review - Honestly Holly

I’ve just rediscovered my love of nail varnish. They’re such a simple, cheap and easy way to add some colour into your life. And without actually putting in too much effort.

Barry M Molten Metal Review - Honestly Holly
Once upon a time, the perfect manicure would cost a fortune and take an age. Now, nail varnishes are almost foolproof, available in almost every shop and almost always under £5!
Molten Magic Silver
My girlfriend popped out to get some essentials this week in Superdrug and came home with this treat for me! Barry M’s range of Molten Metals caught her eye and she picked me up this bottle in the gorgeous Silver Lining shade.
I am a sucker for all things shiny, and I think it’s rubbing off on her too! 
Barry Molten Metal Nail Polish Review - Honestly Holly
We’re saving for a big holiday to South Africa in April, (alongside planning for a house, babies, a wedding one day in the next 40 years) so we’re being careful with what we spend and try to avoid unnecessary ‘luxury’ items. This can be pretty dull and she loves to spoil me. Not even I can complain about an indulgence at only £3.99!
Just look at the result!
Molten Magic On Nails
My ethos of this blog is “honesty” and if you don’t know me personally, you’ll learn to know that I can be pretty lazy. I love a shortcut. I don’t bother with the cost, time or energy involved in base coats and top coats, before and after three layers of nail varnish.
So for me, if a nail varnish looks this good with no frills and just two coats, it’s automatically a winner.
Barry Molten Metal Nail Polish review - Honestly Holly
I’m clumsy. I stumble around a lot. I type all day at work, lift heavy weights in the gym in the evenings and help out in the other half’s pub as and when. No matter how good a manicure is, it’s never going to survive two or three days in my life.
I painted these bad boys three days ago. I’ve been to work, been to the gym, been out for the day, and only now I’ve got a scratch on one. The other great thing about this product is how quickly it dries; like literal minutes. I just painted another layer over the little scratch, waited 5 minutes and off I went tonight. You’d never know it has more varnish than the rest due to the saturation of pigmentation.
Nail Pics
The price, colour, pigment, durability and cost make this a solid 4 out of 5 crowns. The icing on the cake is the level of shine!
You can order any of these online at Superdrug here, using my affiliate link!
Why the NBC hit The Good Place is your next Netflix binge.

The Good Place – Netflix’s ABC Binge-Worthy Winner

Am I Good Enough image
Pinterest image - The Good Place

Society tells us that if we act right during our lives,we go to a good place after we die.

Supposedly, The Good Place.

What if you don’t but you were supposed to? What if you live a mediocre life; you don’t kill anyone but you’re pretty darn selfish?

The Good Place

This is the case for Eleanor.

Pinterest image - why the NBC hit The Good Place is your next Netflix Binge


She was a bit of a shirtbag (you can’t swear in the Good Place) yet somehow she finds herself dead and sat at the desk of Michael – Ted Danson’s devilishly handsome answer to the guy at the pearly gates to her utopia.
Eleanor Quote
Assuming she could fool all the saintly people who ended up in The Good Place, Eleanor (Kristen Bell – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Frozen!) carries on with the charade, not daring to point out the quite obvious mistake and off she potters into her after-life.
Michael Quote
The concept of The Good Place (season 1) in itself is – excuse the pun – divine. You’re given your dream home, meet your true soul mate, live in a town bestowed with all your favourite things, and your days are filled with gardening in the sunshine, eating frozen yoghurt al fresco, reading snuggled into a nook in your dream home; whatever is your desire for your eternity.
Tahani Quote
With short episodes, beautiful scenery, simple gags and the delicious Tahani (Jameela Jamil of T4!) to occupy your brain, this is easy watching that actually makes you think about your actions and their effect on the world, thanks to the forkingly dull ethics professor Chidi played by William Jackson Harper.
Chidi quote

A plot twist around the middle of the season will blow your beaching little brain.

Why the NBC hit The Good Place is your next Netflix binge.


Luckily, I binge watched this on Netflix after it was all released in one bang; bad luck to those of you over the pond who will have had to wait for the mid season break to pass.
The 6 main characters are Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, her after-life partner Jason, Michael and his assistant Janet. The are polar ends of all types of people, yet all of them we can relate to in some way.
Jason quote
This series is a warming visual and mental feast for cold Sunday afternoons. A cup of tea, a blanket and a bag of chocolate whilst consuming a good American TV series? The perfect companion in a weekend of lonely, boring house sitting for a friend.

Janet Quote

I also can’t help but feel a fluffy sense of pride for fellow Brit, Jameela Jamil, going from “probably hungover Saturday morning TV presenter” and flourishing into a beautiful, outspoken, non-conformist, successful actress. Accidentally, too.

Season 2 is currently being released weekly on Netflix and is my Friday evening reward for a hard worked week.

For me, this show gets 5 out of 5 Crowns. It’s funny, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing.