Top 15 Advent Calendars on Amazon Prime

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…nearly!

Amid all the Black Friday madness, I’ve found myself constantly searching for Advent Calendars on Amazon Prime. 

I feel like this year has flown past and Christmas is thrusting itself in our faces faster than you can say “yule log”. This is a time for giving and a time for presents for a lot of people. Gift guides are everywhere and everyone is worrying about The Day, December 25th. 

I’m here to remind you that there are 24 days that come before that. We all deserve a little treat and advent calendars are the best way to treat yo’self this festive period. 

Whether you’re buying for yourself (I mean, why shouldn’t you?) or you feel like giving a love one a little spoiling every day, Amazon Prime is full of goodies waiting to bring you Christmas cheer each morning in December. 

Top 3 Under £30

First up is the Kinder Egg Surprise Calendar. For all you chocolate lovers out there, this will bring you daily joy along with a little mental challenge to keep your brain on its toes in the chilly winter!

If chocolate isn’t your thing and, like me, you have the engineering skills of a turtle, maybe a different kind of surprise every day is more your thing. The SIX calendar will give you a different item of jewellery each morning, keeping you glam through December and satiating the magpie need to absorb all the shiny things. 

Top 3 Under £20

The dark nights and cold weather can be hard work; there’s nothing better than a little self care and pampering to keep your spirits up in the cold! Bomb Cosmetics has surprised us this year with their offering featuring samples of some of their best sellers!

We have a few of our own traditions in my family for Christmas and After Eights are one of them! They seem to just appear in my mum’s cupboards around early December and keep in stock till the new year. If you fancy something a little indulgent and refreshing every day that also makes a great aesthetic addition to your mantelpiece, the After Eight Big Ben advent calendar needs to be yours!

We all seem to associate Christmas with beautiful smells and soft lighting so what better than a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar? Yankee are renowned for being shiny scent masters and this does not disappoint! From spiced white cocoa to sparkling cinnamon, you’re guaranteed to have your home looking, feeling and smelling festive throughout December! 

Top 3 Under £10 

If you’re looking for a calendar for the little human in your life and don’t want to add to their festive sugar intake then Play Doh have a great solution. They’re Doh-Vinci calendar has everything you need to create your own Christmas scene on the big day, with little tasks each day to keep your little human focused along the way!

World Master Chocolatiers Lindt have given us this simple but divine offering this year. For those of us who want something better than sub-par chocolate coins each morning but don’t want to break the bank, this comes in a pack of 2 so you can treat yourself and your loved one! ORrrr treat yourself twice!

Having added our first fur baby to our family this winter, I couldn’t do this list without including an option for the puppies at Christmas! Good Boy have a meaty calendar that’s bound to make daily treats that extra bit special this holiday.