9 Reasons not to give up on The One - Honestly Holly

9 Reasons to Keep Searching for Love

9 Reasons not to give up on The One - Honestly Holly
9 Reasons not to give up on The One - Honestly Holly
9 Reasons not to give up on The One - Honestly Holly
9 Reasons not to give up on The One - Honestly Holly

Growing up, I had all the same misconceptions that I think most girls do.

The One would come along nice and easy. I assumed I would date boys in high school, go to university, meet the love of my life in my last year, we would get awesome jobs, and end up married with dogs and kids in the suburbs living happily ever after.

Sunset Love The One


I am smart and sensible. I have a law degree and have never placed a bet on anything in my life. So how on earth was I ever foolish enough to think that the scenario above would be my life? Why would I think The One would just fall into my lap on the tube one day?
My path has been very different. I didn’t really date boys in high school. I went to university, dated guys that should have just been friends, made mistakes. I didn’t meet the love of my life. I never thought I would even consider giving out dating advice.

I am, however, living the beginning of my happy ending. I found The One.


I got a job I hated, changed careers, and ended up as an estate agent. Long story short, I ended up on Tinder searching for women. Years of dating and flirting with some very wonderful and some very awful people, I swiped right on the love of my life, M, at the grand old age of 28.

True Love The One


There were a hundred times I thought I would be alone, just in 2015.

I vowed off men, women, humans, and decided to devote myself to my life and trying to finally finish watching every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. People like Meredith find The One. Not people like me. I was so very wrong.
I won’t tell you the whole of our story; it’s Ours and special and private to us. What I will tell you is this – She is worth every bad date, negative comment, tear, bottle of rum and everything else. A week in my life is so worth it, with her by my side.

So here are my 9 reasons why you should keep dating and find The One:

1     Support
When the world grinds you down all week, you have someone that will hold your hand and pretend nothing is happening whilst you cry uncorrelated buckets of tears at Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and release a week’s worth of tension.


2     Someone to share the burden with

You’ll have someone who will brush and blow your hair when you’re poorly and just can’t handle it. Even just having someone to split household chores with makes life just that little bit more bearable.

3     Comfort

The thought of finally getting home to slippers, pyjamas and The One will get you through your sixth hour of traffic jams in two days.

4     Excitement keeps you young

Butterflies in your stomach. Forever. So worth it.

5     Someone to share with

When you’re in a restaurant and you can’t decide between two meals, you have someone to order the other so you can try both. When you see a beautiful rainbow, you have someone to send it to.

6     A problem shared is a problem halved

There’s always someone to make you see another side to the thing you’re worrying incessantly about.

7     There’s no place like home

You’ll have someone that, no matter where you are in the world, no matter how bad you feel, when you’re with them, you are home.

8     Intimacy

Morning cuddles. A hand to hold in the cold. Kisses in the rain. Enough Said.

9     Adventure
That dream holiday to the Maldives you’ve always wanted? Set it for your honeymoon. The cupcake shop in your city that’s gone viral for it’s 2000 calorie all day breakfast cupcake? You have someone to share one with, who won’t judge you for wanting three. Want to try mountain climbing? Someone to catch you when you fall. 
I know what it feels like to go on 8 failed dates in a row. I know what it feels like to wonder if all men are vile or if all women are insane cat owners.
I also know what it feels like to open your eyes every morning and see this sleepy, mushed up face whose eyes light up when they see you, morning breath, smeared leftover mascara and all.

So please. Don’t give up on dating; don’t give up on yourself. You deserve to be loved. Your reward for all things good will come, exactly at the right time. Say yes to the man in the coffee shop. Ask the girl in the park if she wants to share a coffee. Tweet that person with the hilarious gifs that retweets you. Load that dating app and Swipe Right. Whatever avenue you want to take to date town, stride boldly and enjoy the journey!

Happy Ending The One

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Day trip from Koh Samui to Koh Panang on Chantara Junk Boat

Chantara Junk Boat | Koh Samui Day Trip

Chantara Junk Boat Trip from Koh Samui to Koh Panang

View from Chantara Junk Boat

We managed to get in a few trips on the holiday and there’s two contenders for best trip.

One is the Elephants World because, well, Elephants! The other was the Chantara Junk Boat trip. The trip costs around £50 which is pricey for Thailand but absolutely worth every penny.

We were picked up from our hotel after breakfast and taken down to the Big Buddha Pier, where we met Marco, the trip leader. From there we boarded the boat with the other groups, totalling about 25 people, meaning the boat wasn’t overcrowded at any point. We were shown to a a sun area with cushions to lounge on and provided with towels and ice cold bottles of water.


Sails up and out into the blue ocean towards Koh Phangan

Day trip including snorkelling from Koh Samui to Koh Panang


Marco and his team on the Junk Boat kept us entertained, with Marco going through the safety stuff followed by the outline of the day with each group, in at least 5 different languages. Marco is mild mannered, full of mystery, funny and kind. His team kept the boat going smoothly and making sure we all had all the ice cold drinks we could need.

Halfway through the trip we stopped for lunch; cooked fresh on board. There was a mix of different options provided and lots of fresh fruit for pudding. From there we sailed for another half hour before getting the chance to stop and go snorkelling in the coral reef. Marco was very firm about us not touching the reef in any way so as not to damage it and buoyancy aids were available for those who needed them.

We then sailed the Junk Boat on to Koh Phangan where we stopped and had the chance to explore the beach for a couple of hours. There were the usual options of water sports and massages or, as we did, to follow Marco to the Flip Flop Pharmacy bar on the beach for a signature Chantara cocktail. I’m not sure what was in it but it was strong, cold and delicious! We explored the beach for a bit and found a really cute set of rockpools and a swing to play on!

From there we got back on the boat and started the journey back to Samui; this time we went round the other side of the island.


The scenery is absolutely stunning.

Day trip including drinks and snorkelling on Chantara Junk Boat from Koh Samui to Koh Panang
Under developed and natural; I kept saying it was like watching a nature documentary live.
We then stopped the Junk Boat close to Samui to watch the sunset. It was a clear evening and absolutely beautiful. I watched a pretty epic sunset in Ibiza but this topped that for sure.
We found this trip through TripAdvisor; there were so many 5* reviews that we booked months before we even arrived and I couldn’t be more glad that we did. Marco and his team deserve every compliment. If you’re ever in Koh Samui, I couldn’t recommend any more that you do this trip!


View of Koh Panang from Chantara Junk Boat
Sunset between Koh Pangang and Koh Samui
Cocktail at flip flop apothecary beach bar